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The solution to the leakage of ice cream machine

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The solution to the leakage of ice cream machine

Every summer, many businesses will use ice cream machines to produce ice cream for sale. However, various problems may occur during the use of the ice cream machine, such as material leakage. The ice cream machine has two locations that are particularly prone to leakage, one is around the outlet valve, and the other is under the body. So, how should the leakage of ice cream machine be repaired?

  1. Valve stem leakage: The reason for valve stem leakage is generally the damaged or aging seal ring. Solution: just replace the O-ring seal. 

    2. Material leakage at the discharge port: The cause of material leakage at the discharge port is generally the damage or aging of the agitator bushing. Solution: just replace the agitator bushing.

 3 Material leakage in the outlet valve: Generally, there are two reasons for the leakage of the outlet valve. The tightening nut is not tightened, and the outlet valve sealing ring is displaced, damaged or aging.

 Solution: First tighten the nut. If the material is still leaking, it is recommended to adjust the sealing ring of the outlet valve. The leakage of the outlet valve may be a problem with an independent sealing part, or it may be a problem with multiple parts. If damaged, replace it immediately.

 Material leakage under the fuselage: There are generally two reasons for leakage under the fuselage: the sealing sleeve is installed incorrectly or damaged and aging. It is necessary to remove the agitator every day, check the sealing sleeve and apply lubricating oil. The residual liquid pipe is broken. The sealing sleeve is one of the most easily worn parts because it covers the mixing shaft hole.

   The above is the location of the leakage of the ice cream machine, the cause of the leakage and the treatment method. In fact, the maintenance of ice cream machines is particularly important. We remind everyone to clean and inspect the machines frequently. If there are worn parts, they need to be replaced in time. This can effectively extend the service life of the fruit and ice cream machines! And be sure to operate the fruit and ice cream machines correctly. Ice cream machine, to prevent wear and tear caused by wrong operation and cause such problems.


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