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Swirl fruit ice cream machine with cheap price

YT-FI fruit ice cream machine.The mixture of fruit and cream give you a great taste!
  • YT-FI
  • Yituo
  • fruit ice cream machine
  • 750W
  • 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz
  • 56kg
  • 310*560*750
  • 390*670*820
Type:Table top machine 
Cone cup materials:Plastic (food grade) 
Main materials:304 stainless steel (food grade) 
Self-cleaning option:Tap water(pump/valve) 
Net weight:68 kg 
Packing size:39*67*82cm 
产品详情图 (4)FI水果机 (17)FI水果机 (29)FI水果机 (6)FI水果机 (60)FI水果机 (45)

1. A number of utility model patent design, stability and better operation and lower noise 
2. The concept of product patent design, highlighting practical better, more convenient maintenance 
3. Special mitsubishi technology of low temperature high efficiency compressor, molding speed faster, continuous discharge capacity than the same products can increase more than 10% 
4. Start the voltage requirements (greater than or equal to 165 v), lower starting pressure drop is smaller, more suitable for with two small cities and rural areas 
5. Refrigeration system is more efficient, less power consumption, comparable to similar products the saving electricity was above 15% 
6. Play counting function, regulating function hardness value correction, outage time setting function, motor function 
7. Digital speed control, city type hardness percentage display, molding animation display function 
ice cream

How to make fruti ice cream machine?

Spare parts:
Each machine comes with 2 plastic cups, 2 milkshake heads, 2 different dispense head with 0.8mm thickness. One in the shape of a six-pointed star and one in the shape of a twelve-pointed star

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