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New Arrival Slush Machine

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New Arrival Slush Machine

Introducing you the newest high-capacity slush machine. This automatic slush machine is our latest product, with new shape and beautiful appearance. We provide this machine with single cylinder and double cylinder this two options. The price of slush machine is different because of different specifications and models. This machine of our company has a multi-purpose machine, a variety of functions for making slush and cold drinks, and can prepare drinks with different tastes, LED long-life color advertising light box, automatic control of slushy melting, food-grade beverage containers, health and environmental protection and other characteristics. 

The automatic snow melting machine has multiple cooling speed controls, and users can choose different cooling speeds. The operation of the slush machine is easy to understand and very convenient. Each tank has its own agitator.This machine has pre-cooling function. Our machines are suitable for office buildings, shopping malls, households, restaurants, hotels, restaurants and so on. If you want to know more about the price of slush machine, please send an inquiry.

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