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How to use the ice cream rolls machine correctly?

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Precautions for the use of the ice cream machine. 

The weather has a certain effect on the speed of icec ream rolls making. When starting up, you must keep stirring to allow the ice ceam to fully exchange heat and cold, and the ice cream rolls form faster.

The machine uses 220v ordinary household lighting electricity. If you are not sure whether the voltage can reach 220v, please equip your own voltage stabilizer (you must count the power of all surrounding electrical facilities before buying the voltage stabilizer). This machine will start automatic thermal protection when higher than 250v and no start when lower than 180v. High voltage also affects the speed of ice cream rolls making. Please pay attention.

Use 4 square air conditioner special wire. The machine cannot be turned upside down. After receiving the machine, it must be left for 12 hours-24 hours. The machine must not be switched on and off frequently. The power must be cut off when not in use.


The switch must be pressed when the power is cut off during use. If it is not pressed, the current will increase at the moment of power-on, and the compressor overload will cause the switch to burn out and the compressor to malfunction. Clean the condenser once a month. Keep good ventilation.

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