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How to make strawberry popsicle?

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How to make strawberry popsicle?

Introduce you to a secret recipe for strawberry ice cream, believe me, strawberry and milk are the best partners


300g milk, 100g strawberry ice cream powder; cream and some 

fresh strawberry 

1. Weigh 300 grams of milk

2. One pack of strawberry ice cream powder 100g and cut the fresh strawberry in half.

3. Whisk the milk slowly with a whisk, and slowly add the ice cream powder while stirring and mix well.

4. Put the ice cream paste into moulds and Put a few slices of strawberries

5. Ice cream paste into the refrigerator to chill to 4 degrees for 30 minutes. If you want a bit harder, put the ice cream bucket into frozen ice for 40 minutes.



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