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How to make slush / frozen cocktail?

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How to make slush / frozen cocktail?

If you own a slush machine, what is the best-selling flavor in your store? Next, I will share a recipe for you.

In case of using the liquid material, keep the following instructions: - After mixing the 1 liter per bottle of liquid material (juice pack with 5-8% of su gar level) with 4 liters of water, fill the mixed liquid in the material box. - Note that when any machine failure occurs due to use of liquid material or po wder, the manufacturer assumes no responsibility. -In case of soft drinks (1.5 liters of fruit juices bottled in PET plastic) that can b e easily purchased, fill 8 of bottles (4.5 liters) in the material box. (in case of 1 3 to 15% of sugar level) (e.g. orange soda, fanta, etc.-soft drinks including 10% of fruit juices)

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