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How to make popsicle?

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How to make popsicle?

If you want to make the popsicle business, then how to make the delicious pop with your own style?

The combination of fruit and ice cream is one of the great choices. You can also add chocolate or Oreo cookies to make popsicles with mixed flavors.

Once you have prepared the ingredients, you can use our popsicle machine to make delicious popsicles

Step1: TURN ON the popsicle machine to make the frozen liquid under -16℃.

Step2: You could prepare the different flavor with ice cream powder. The Proportion water with ice cream powder is 1kg:3.5kg, you also can use for milk. 

Step3: Put the popsicle stick into the molds

Step4: Put the ice cream liquid and fruit or cookies into each molds

Step5: Then put the finished molds into machine for frozen about 15min.

After 15min, you will get your delicious ice cream popsicle



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