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How to choose an ice cream machine?

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How to choose an ice cream machine?

On the eve of summer, preparing an ice cream shop is indeed a good project. Many water bars, coffee shops and other places also urgently need ice cream machines. The location of an ice cream shop with a large passenger flow is very important, but the more important point is to choose a high-quality ice cream machine. So how do you choose an ice cream machine? Next, I will give you a brief analysis.

  When choosing an ice cream machine, it is necessary to comprehensively analyze the actual situation such as the size of the store and the size of the passenger flow.

  Ice cream shops with large passenger flow are suitable for large-volume machines. We have YT-625T model for your choose. The output is 25L per hour, which can meet the needs of various occasions and different customer groups.

  In addition, the size of the storefront is also the key to choosing an ice cream machine. For example, if you put it on the bar, you must use a desktop machine. If the bar happens to be small, it is recommended to choose the YT-625T desktop soft ice cream machine. The width of this ice cream machine is only 57cm. , The important point is that the equipment adopts the upper exhaust design, which can dissipate heat faster and save space.

  The choice of ice cream machine is closely related to many elements, and it cannot be analyzed in a few words. Therefore welcome to contact us for more information.


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