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Hot-selling machines recommended in summer

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Hot-selling machines recommended in summer

What is the most popular machine in summer? It must be ice cream machines. The followings are all the ice cream machines we can provide. Welcome to contact us for more details.

1. Hard ice cream machines: Best machine to make ice cream balls. 


2. Soft serve ice cream machine: Popular rainbow system table top soft serve ice cream machine with three flavors

625T外观 (5)

3. Ice cream rolls machine: The double pan &10 mini topping pans fried ice cream machine with 68L refrigerated cabinet.

It's suitable for two people to operate.


4. Popsicle machine: We supply popsicle machine from 1 mold to 24 molds


5. Showcase:

前视窗冰棒柜 (1)前视窗冰棒柜 (1)


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