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High Quality New Condition Making Yoghurt Production Machine

  • YT-65SNJ
  • Yituo
  • air
  • Yoghurt Making Machine
  • 200W
  • 110v/220v
  • 30kg
  • 475*500*865mm
  • 30-50℃
  • 0-10℃
  • Making Yoghurt

High Quality New Condition Making Yoghurt Production Machine

Product Description of Yoghurt Machine

1. Function: Sterilization, fermentation, cooling and solidification, refrigeration
2. Program switching: You can switch any program what you need during the running of the device
3. LED lighting: the box add a separate lighting function for easy observation
4. Ultraviolet sterilization: Ultraviolet rays can kill harmful bacteria that are not easily fermented and increase the success rate of fermentation.
5. Fermentation parameters: The temperature and the fermentation time can be adjusted according to the time and environment during fermentation
6. Cycling wind: The circulation wind is reasonable, and the milk cups in the box are evenly heated and cooled.
7. Digital display panel: program control, convenient and simple
8. Large capacity: different sizes of capacity to choose from
9. One-button automatic: as long as you enter the fermentation process, the subsequent process will be automatically performed according to your set value

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