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For scenic spots Popular Soft Ice Cream Machine for Sale

A. The YT-370S series machine is a dream come true to everyone who wants to get into the ice cream entrepreneur. With a relatively low investment.
B. The ice cream quality is incomparable, because all of the high-end technology used in large machines is also applied in this machine, at reduced costs.
C. It facilitates the production of real artisan ice cream, carefully done, with natural ingredients and the introduction of fruits, granules, chocolates etc.
D. It allows small quantities of ice cream production per beat, very important for people that work with a variety of flavors.
  • YT-370
  • Air
  • soft Ice Cream Machine
  • 2.0KW
  • 473x530x1316mm
  • stainless steel
  • 135KG
  • CE
  • R410a
  • Panasonic
  • 2x7L

Introduction of Soft Ice Cream Machine:

The YT-370 Table Top Soft Ice Cream Machine Commerical with 2+1 mixed flavors, the product capacity is same big 20-25L/H. The Soft Ice Cream Machine use stainless steel beater, the puffing effect is very good, less loss. Moreover, the small soft ice cream machine is Turbine reducer, no belt rotation, so low noisy. 
370 (3)

Technical Parameter of Soft Ice Cream Machine:

Model YT-335 2+1 Mixed Machine YT-370 2+1 Mixed Machine
Size 473*530*792mm 473*530*1316mm
Output  20-25L/H 28-33L/H
Cylinder 1.5L*2 1.5L*2
Hopper 7L*2 7L*2
Power 1.8KW 2KW
Compressor Panasonic & R410a
Continue Dispense 12 Pcs for each flavor 15 Pcs for each flavor
Motor Power 750W 750W
Weight 105kg 135KG

370 (10)

The Pictures of YT-370 Soft Ice Cream Machine :
soft ice cream49

soft ice cream48

soft ice cream44

Advance of Soft Ice Cream Machine:
LED Screen:
soft ice cream34

No noise
soft ice cream22

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