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Commercial Slush Machine Frozen Drink Machine

  • YT-FSM2
  • Yituo
  • air
  • slush machine
  • 1.8KW
  • Black and white
  • 107kg
  • Stainless steel
  • 680x680x1060mm
  • Beverage
  • 50-55L/H
  • R410a
  • slush machine
Commercial Slush Machine Frozen Drink Machine
During the hot summer, slush and juice becomes very popularity. Not only it's beauty apperance, but also it is very delicious, it coulc make different flavor slush, many young people's favourite.Also our slush machine could be operated individual as the slush machine video's shown.

slush machine03
slush machine01
slush machine02

1.Q :Is it possible to make frozen cocktails?
A:Yes,no problem. It can make frozen cocktails, slush, milkshakes, etc.
2. Q: What is the raw materials for slush or milkshake?
A: We suggest you use the juices, you can check the above recipe. While when we test machine, we use the sugar & water.

3.Q: Is the flavor blending enough with ice? Some small machines of poor quality when drinking the flavor withdraws and the ice remains colorless in the cup.
A: Firstly, machine is with good blending. After drinking, you will notice that there is any none of ice left in the cup; Secondly,for some cheaper machines, there
maybe this kind of problems,not blending fully. While for our machine, it is with powerful refrigeration and mixing, so it will be blending perfectly.
That means the customer will taste the flavor with the ice, and the flavor will not come out with him alone,and the ice will remain without color in the cup.

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