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Big Capacity 3 Flavor Rainbow Used Commercial Mini Soft Italian Ice Cream Machine

1. Soft ice cream is very reliable and long service time.
2. Hot sell model for soft ice cream shop and frozen yogurt franchise, a reference in Chinese ice cream machine industry.
3. Stable control and simple operation
4. Your best asset to launch your own soft ice cream & frozen yogurt business
  • YT-370S
  • YiTuo
  • Air
  • 28-33L/H
  • 2.0KW
  • Aspera , R404a & Panasonic & R410a
  • 15 pcs for each flavor
  • 2x1.5L
  • 2x7L
  • 135kg
  • 155kg

Model YT-370S
Output 28-33L/H
Material 304 stainless steel
Compressor Panasonic
Refrigerent R410A/R404A
Hopper 2x7L
Cylinder 2x.15L
Continue Dispense 15pcs for each flavor

Ice Cream Machine Features

.stainless steel beater +Automatic throat seat
.Automatic pre-cooling.


Infrared ray automatic induction dispense
Turbine reducer, no belt rotation, makes it work powerful
Super LED screen

Can make long ice cream or yogurt ice cream


Waterproof high definition Touch
Super volume

50-65db super silent


Control Panel

control panel

Drip Tray

drip tray

Factory Pictures

factory pictures

2x7L Big Hopper

stainless steel hopper

Operation Handle

handle of ice cream machine

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